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Product Info

Size Chart 

American Apparel Fine Jersey Cotton Tee
W 18" x L 28.75"
W 20" x L 29.75"
W 22" x L 30.75"
W 24" x L 31.75"
Anvil Tri-Blend Tee W 18" x L 27" W 20" x L 28" W 22" x L 29" W 24" x L 30"
ATC Cotton Tee W 18" x L 28" W 20" x L 29" W 22" x L 30" W 24" x L 31"
ATC Cotton Pocket Tee
W 18" x L 28"
W 20" x L 29"
W 22" x L 30"
W 24" x L 31"
ATC Crewneck Sweater W 20" x L 27.5" W 22" x L 28.5" W 24" x L 29.5" W 26" x L 30.5"

ATC Fleece Hoodie

W 20" x L 27.5"
W 22" x L 28.5"
W 24" x L 29.5"

W 26" x L 30.5"

Gildan Softstyle Tee W 18" x L 28" W 20" x L 29.25" W 22" x L 30.25" W 24" x L 31.25"

These are guides only, and while we do our best to ensure all of our sizing info is accurate, some styles may vary. 

*Garment measurements are in inches. See figure above on how to measure.
The width is generally measure from 1" below the seam under the arm and the length measures from the highest point of the shoulder to the bottom of the garment.

About Our Products

During the early stages of developing our company’s brand, we agreed that we wanted a major focus to be on the quality of the clothing - that we wanted to produce not only what we ourselves would be proud to share, but also what we would want to wear. If any of you have ever researched the clothing industry, you know that there are a lot of options out there in terms of quality. At Rippers and Chillers, when we decide on a product, we put a lot of thought into what the purpose of that item will be, and how it might enhance our customers lives.

We live in an active city, so we’ve chosen triblends for many of our designs. After cotton and polyester, the third material in a triblend is rayon - a more sustainable substitute for silk. This material gives you a bit of stretch and a soft, luxurious feel while being breathable and moisture-absorbent, making it perfect for all of you rippers out there.

As much as we like rippin’, we also love being comfortable and looking good while chillin’, so we’ve made some of our products 100% knit or jersey cotton. (Jersey usually being a lighter/stretchier fabric.) Though not a decrease in quality, as we hope we’ve chosen the best material to suit each item, the cotton knit tees are usually heavier. This makes them stronger but less stretchy, and may shrink a little more than the triblends/jersey knits in warm/hot water. AKA perfect for chillin’. (Wash your clothes in cold water, people!)

Beyond the need for quality products, Rippers and Chillers strives to maintain a high quality of conduct. This is a constantly evolving process that focuses on two major aspects of modern life - environmental consideration and human rights. To reduce our carbon footprint, we source the majority of our production locally, produce small-scale orders to reduce waste, and use eco-friendly packaging. We have done our best to ensure all of our garments are not associated with forced labour camps that subject religious and ethnic minorities of all ages to unjust treatment and internment. As we grow, and more information emerges, we will react in accordance with our mandate to make the most ethical choices for our customers and our products - we will always be committed to doing what we can for our planet and its peoples.