About Us

There’s a spot in the forest where we like to do our best thinking - Rippers and Chillers business meetings are preferably done outside. Early in the design process, on one of these walks to our spot, we asked one another what it is that we wanted to say with our brand. We knew that we wanted to design cool shit, but we also wanted to make sure that we were deeply rooted within the brand as well, to have a personal connection to what we create.

Sometimes Alex is the ripper, but sometimes Madeleine is. Same goes for the chillin’ part. And sometimes, we are one and the same. What we’ve learned is that life is about finding balance. About going with the ebb and flow, and the ups and downs.

It’s also about finding unity and connection amongst others and within this world. To find the yin to your yang, whether that’s someone else, yourself, or it’s out there in nature.

The more we talked about it, the more we realized that the Rippers and Chillers mindset applies to all aspects of our lives, and that’s what we wanted to say with our brand. We all have our ups and downs - some days we send it and some days we gotta sit it out. Sometimes we order delivery and sometimes we hike a mountain before making lunch.

Life is about cycles. Enjoy the ride. And wear dope shit while you do it.